Sponsoring options

Here you can find information about the sponsoring options

There are numerous opportunities to support the demonstrator skyscraper project and to use the associated public attention for your company in a promotionally effective way.

We currently have the support of companies from a wide range of product sectors. The project offers you awesome possibilities for participation! Especially in the years to come, with the realisation of the adaptive façades, we are still looking for interested sponsors who would like to place their products and thus make it possible for them to participate in the worldwide unique project of the D1244. 

Support is conceivable in these areas: 

  • In the area of actuator technology.
  • In the field of sensor technology.
  • The contribution of consulting services.
  • The provision of hardware components.
  • The area of adaptive façades.
  • The technical building equipment.
  • The general infrastructure.
  • The lift in the stair tower.

If interested, please contact:

This image shows Walter Haase

Walter Haase



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