Current Construction Progress

Current information of the construction site of the Demonstrator building


In November 2017, the building application was submitted to the building regulations office of the city of Stuttgart and the building permit was issued. In October 2018, the groundbreaking ceremony and thus the official start of construction of the demonstrator high-rise took place. Construction of the demonstrator's foundation platform finally began at the end of 2018. In October 2021, the demonstrator high-rise building (D1244) was ceremonially opened. Both the groundbreaking ceremony and the opening of the demonstrator high-rise building took place in the presence of Theresia Bauer, Minister of Science, Research and the Arts of Stuttgart, as well as important project partners of the University of Stuttgart from business and industry and in the presence of the press. 

The demonstrator is the largest adaptive structure and the first adaptive building in the world. Since the beginning of the project, there has been great interest in new and innovative ideas for building the future. There are already numerous scientific publications by the researchers involved and the press is also watching the development of this innovative project with great interest. There are numerous publications in various newspapers, interviews with researchers and podcast and television contributions. 

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Construction of the stair tower

Construction of the adaptive structure
The Demonstrator building
The actuators
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