PR: Public Relations

Project structure

The aim of the project is to raise the awareness of the general public and the experts for the topics of the CRC 1244 Adaptive Skins and Structures for the built environment of tomorrow.

With its ecological and economic focal points, the CRC 1244 develops topics that are of primary interest to the construction industry and have an equally great influence on social issues.

The public relations work wants to advance these topics through various formats. The lecture series of the CRC 1244...for the world of tomorrow, taking place every semester, is one of the basic elements of the public relations work. Experts of the CRC 1244 and other research institutions from Germany and abroad present their projects on adaptive structures or present their solutions and ideas for a sustainable future in the form of evening lectures at the Institute for Lightweight Design and Construction. The series, organised in cooperation with the International Center for Cultural and Technological Studies, aims at the interested public, students and, of course, experts. The lectures regularly attract a diverse audience, which often involves the speakers in lively discussions following their presentations. Theme-related symposia and events are also offered outside the university, such as a symposium in the Thyssenkrupp Test Tower in Rottweil. These events will be announced on the homepage of the CRC 1244. The CRC 1244 always strives for a meaningful cooperation with its partners and is always open to cooperate with interested parties.

The press relations comprise a broad spectrum of articles in all types of print media. It can consist of targeted press releases, the communication of experts of the CRC 1244 to the respective media including interviews of the speaker with members of the local press as well as technical articles in corresponding print media. Contact inquiries are welcome at any time. Press material in text and image form will be available on request.

After the completion of the demonstrator high-rise public guided tours of the CRC 1244 platform will be offered regularly.

Another important area of responsibility for spreading the knowledge gained from the research work is the integration of students. Lectures, seminars, workshops etc. on the topics of CRC 1244 will take place regularly and are open to all students. Scientists of the CRC 1244 as well as experts from industry and research in Germany and abroad are invited to give short lectures at these events. The most recent event titled "Network Diagnoses" attracted a large audience. Primarily consisting of students of architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, textile design but also scientists of similar fields from Germany and abroad.

Subproject Leader of Project PR (Public relations):

Prof. Dr.-Ing. M.Arch. Lucio Blandini, Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design


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Katrin Chwalek

M. Sc.

Doctoral Researcher

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