Current information regarded to the construction of the demonstrator building within the framework of the SFB1244

The most important developments of all researchers of the SFB 1244... for the world of tomorrow will be applied and tested under real conditions in and on a high-rise building. For this purpose, an up to 37-meter-high, adaptive high-rise building will be construc­ted on an experimental platform on the campus of the University of Stuttgart.

Visualization of the demonstrator with different facade modules
The demonstrator skyscraper at blue hour

The Demonstrator

The high-rise building, with a footprint of about five by five meters, will be designed as a lightweight construction to meet the demand for a drastic reduction in resource consumption during construction. Additionally, all building components are joined by detachable joints that guarantee an easy disassembly and a 100 % recyclability after the life time of the building parts has been reached.

The basic structure of the high-rise building will be planned in the first four years of the project and will be implemented in a first construction phase. The supporting structure of the building will be designed as a steel frame structure and equipped with conventional sensors and actuators. In the course of the project, these conventi­onal components will be upgraded with newly developed actuators and sensors. With the help of the resulting closed loop control, the building can react to different load cases.

If, for example, the high-rise building starts to vibrate as a result of strong wind, the built-in actuators can actively counteract this. Each of the twelve storeys of the demonstration building serves as a test module for innovative facade types. These can be switcha­ble pixelized glazing based on liquid crystal technologies as well as breathable envelopes based on carbon nanotubes. Corresponding systems will be developed within the framework of SFB 1244... for the world of tomorrow in the coming years.

Construction Progress


The facade of the Demonstrator

Visualization of the demonstrator with different facade variants


  • General Planning: Prof. Lucio Blandini, ILEK, Universität Stuttgart 
  • Control and Regulation: Prof. Oliver Sawodny, ISYS, Universität Stuttgart
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