Project Structure

Outline of the project scopes and their associated sub-projects.

The long-term research objective of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1244 is to enable the construction industry to address the pressing ecological and social issues of our time through transformations towards sustainable and resource-efficient practices. The integration of adaptive systems in load-bearing structures, façades as well as interior components is thus considered a promising approach for this purpose.

The fundamental principles, potential and implications of adaptivity in the built environment are thus being investigated in CRC 1244. Ongoing research work consists of the developments of various tools as well as methods for the design, construction and operation of buildings with adaptive systems integrated into their load-bearing structures, envelope systems and interior finishes. The application of adaptivity has a clear potential: to significantly reduce material and energy consumption and to considerably improve occupants’ comfort.

The Project Areas A - D, PR and Z

The research project is divided into individual project areas, with different orientations.

In project scope A "Design and Planning Methodology", a profound reformulation is carried out on conventional design and planning methodologies to account for adaptivity from the onset of the building conception within an integrated process. The integration of adaptive elements into the structure necessitates a new area of research on the implementation of robust and fail-safe instrumentation as well as control system, which is addressed in project scope B "Systems Engineering and Design". The application of adaptivity calls for the utilization of novel building and structural elements to complement existing ones resulting in a new range of functionalities as well as performance criteria, which is investigated in project scope C "Integrative Construction Elements". Overarching topics in the area of economic, ecological and socio-cultural issues are dealt with in project scope D "Economic and Ecological Aspects". Project scopes A - D are divided further into sub-projects that address more specific research questions.

Project scope PR "Public Relations" covers all public relations activities, such as responding to inquiries from interested parties as well as organizing events related to the D1244. All works involved during the construction of the demonstrator high-rise building along with the integration of the adaptive systems are coordinated within project scope Z "Coordination and Demonstrator".

These project areas are divided into sub-projects in which the scientists work on their research questions.

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