Project structure

Here you will find explanations of all projects.

The overall, long-term research goal of the CRC 1244 is to enable the construction industry to meet the urgent environmental and social issues of our time through a transition to sustainable and resource-efficient construction. The integration of adaptive elements into load-bearing structures, sheath systems and interior design is therefore considered a suitable approach. CRC 1244 explores the basics, potential and implications of this approach. it researches and develops the tools and methods for designing, constructing, and operating buildings with adaptive elements in their supporting structures, their cladding systems, and their interior construction. The opportunities resulting from this approach for building in the future are mind-boggling. Clearly, the underlying orientation is to significantly reduce the material and energy consumption and at the same time to achieve a noticeable increase in user comfort.

This overall research goal requires a complete restructuring of the design and planning processes, which are compiled into project A. The integration of adaptive elements into the building leads to a innovative independent area, which deals with the implementation of adaptivity through actuation and is summarized in project B for system technology and design. eventually, this approach also opens up opportunities for novel components in addition to already existing concepts, which are combined in project C of the integrative components. Accompanying comprehensive projects to answer economic, ecological and socio-cultural questions complete the project.

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