Press Invitation CRC1244

September 23, 2021

Opening for the world's first adaptive high-rise building. The University of Stuttgart's high rise can actively adapt to changing environmental influences.

Press Invitation CRC1244

After intensive planning and research work, the world's first adaptive high-rise will be inaugurated on the Vaihingen campus of the University of Stuttgart on Tuesday, 5 October 2021 in the presence of Theresia Bauer, Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Science. The 12-storey demonstrator high-rise, which will also be part of the International Building Exhibition IBA'27, was created as part of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC 2144) "Adaptive Envelopes and Structures for the World of Tomorrow" at the University of Stuttgart. 

The unique feature of the 12-storey, around 37-metre-high building is the integration of active elements into the supporting structure. The resulting interplay of sensors and actuators makes it possible, for example, to compensate for the vibrations in the tower caused by wind forces using an intelligent control concept. This makes it possible to build significantly lighter than would be possible without adaptivity.


  • Welcome speech by the speakers of the first and second funding period of the CRC 2144, Prof. Werner Sobek and Prof. Oliver Sawodny 
  • Greetings by Theresia Bauer, Minister for Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg and Prof. Peter Middendorf, Prorector for Knowledge and Technology Transfer at the University of Stuttgart
  • Introduction to the project by Prof. Lucio Blandini and Prof. Oliver Sawodny at the University of Stuttgart
  • Guided tours of the building and the project exhibits 
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