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Oliver Sawodny

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c.

Speaker, Board of Directors, Subproject Leader
Institute for System Dynamics


+49 711 685 66302

Waldburgstraße 19
70563 Stuttgart



• J. Sachs und O. Sawodny. „A two-stage model predictive control strategy for economic diesel-PV-battery island microgrid operation in rural areas“. In: IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 7.3 (2016), S. 903–913

• M. Richter, S. Schaut, D. Walser, K. Schneider und O. Sawodny. „Experimental validation of an active heave compensation system: Estimation, prediction and control“. In: Control Engineering Practi- ce 66 (2017), S. 1–12

• D. Seitz, O. Gehring, C. Bunz, M. Brunschier und O. Sawodny. „Model-based control of exhaust heat recovery in a heavy-duty ve- hicle“. In: Control Engineering Practice 70 (2018), S. 15–28

• J.GuentherundO.Sawodny.„FeatureselectionandGaussianPro- cess regression for personalized thermal comfort prediction“. In: Building and Environment 148 (2019), S. 448–458

• S. Schaut und O. Sawodny. „Thermal Management for the Cabin of a Battery Electric Vehicle Considering Passengers’ Comfort“. In: IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology (2019)

• H.Wind,A.Renner,S.Schaut,S.AlbrechtundO.Sawodny.„Com- parison of Joint Angle, Velocity and Acceleration Estimators for Hy- draulically Actuated Manipulators to a Novel Dynamical Approach“. In: Control Engineering Practice 91 (2019)

• F.Morlock,B.Rolle,M.BauerundO.Sawodny.„ForecastsofElec- tric Vehicle Energy Consumption Based on Characteristic Speed Profiles and Real-Time Traffic Data“. In: IEEE Transactions on Ve- hicular Technology (2019)

• A. Raisch und O. Sawodny. „Modeling and Analysis of Pneuma- tic Cushioning Systems Under Energy-Saving Measures“. In: IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering (2019)

• F.RauscherundO.Sawodny.„ModelingandControlofTowerCra- nes With Elastic Structure“. In: IEEE Transactions on Control Sys- tems Technology (2020)

• S. K. Rechkemmer, X. Zang, W. Zhang und O. Sawodny. „Calen- dar and cycle aging study of a commercial LiMn2O4 cell under consideration of influences by cell progress“. In: Journal of Energy Storage 30 (2020), S. 101547


Habilitation (special German degree to become a full professor)


PhD Degree at University of Ulm

1991 - 1995

Second Studies in "Economy" at University of Hagen (Fernuniversität Hagen):
• Emphasis on Production Systems, Cost Theory and Statistics
• Degree: Diploma (comparable to Master of Science)

1986 - 1991

Studying "Electrical Engineering" at University of Karlsruhe:
• Emphasis on control and automation
• Degree: Diploma (comparable to Master of Science)

Since 2010

Head of Transfer Centre "Systemdynamics and Automation"

Since 2005

Full Professor at University of Stuttgart
• Director of the Institute for System Dynamics

2002 - 2005

Full Professor at Technical University Illmenau (TU Illmenau):
• Head of Department of Control Engineering
• Member of Management Board Fraunhofer Anwendungszentrum Systemtechnik (Advanced System Technology (AST) Branch)

1996 - 2001

Assistant Professor at Department of Measurement, Control and Microtechnology at University of Ulm:
• Head of Automation Team

1991 - 1996

Research Associate at Department of Measurement, Control and Microtechnology at University of Ulm

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